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· 2 min read
Mariusz Galus

Over the years I have messed with tons of diagramming tools: dot with graphviz (see graphviz.vim), asciiflow, yEd, and

Currently, my favorite workflow for making diagrams that will be published to places that matter is to use C4-PlantUML and VSCode's PlantUML extension for live-previews.

But here is a list of cool things I came across during my journey that Reddit user hugosenari found!

· One min read
Mariusz Galus

You'll find blogs and guides here on my github site. I used to blog on blogger from 2008 to 2013 back in high-school and college. I will spare you guys from ever having to see those. I have taken a long break from writing publicly and I will be making smaller contributions here on the blogs. For real articles or general self-promo I've got content on Medium.

I look forward to capturing the things I do here that may be of interest to the community and work on defining my own Docs/Guide identity-style. (Thinking about the WASM docs by Lin Clark)

p.s. I know I'm a hipster, I decided to bypass GitHub's jekyll for Facebook's Docusaurus.

Docusaurus Plushie